Everybody here is saying that light is an electromagnetic wave and wave is a form of energy and energy has no volume. I would like to contradict those sayings. Light is made up of photon particles. Photon is one of the fundamental particles of physics' standard models. Photon is responsible for electromagnetic force. It has a spin of 1 and a mass of 0<1×10^-18 ev/c² . Its mass is lower than 0 so it seems somehow negligible according to our science. Negligible because our science isn't that developped. Our science forces us to say that it has no mass. Still photon has a mass and it has volume though our science fails to precisely measure it and that's why we call it point particle having zero volume, same way we call dark matter a certain kind of matter that is unkown to us and that we can't explain. Our knowledge of measurements is still very limited.*

*somehow poetic comment found in an internet thread